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Services and Products

Quick hotspot rollout - All inclusive customer care, billing, AAA and more

Build customer loyalty by adding instant access to hundreds of Wi-Fi internet hotspots to your service offering. FirstSpot's rapidly deployed turn-key solution enables you to get into the wireless hotspot business fast and cost effectively. An internet service provider using the FirstServ OSS comprehensive hotspot management application is free to concentrate on his core competencies while effortlessly adding a valuable new service.

Use our hosted web based application FirstServ OSS to handle all the back-office operations necessary as you deploy and manage your own branded network of hotspots. Choose to take advantage of roaming on the FirstSpot and FirstSpot partner networks to immediately provide a large footprint of hotspot access to your subscribers.

To inquire about partnering with FirstSpot you may call 1-866-246-8776 (1-866-2HotSpot) or email A FirstSpot representative will contact you with more information.


Network Deployment
  • Multi-vendor access controller hardware supported (802.1x support)
  • Plug-n-play provisioning of edge devices
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)

FirstServ makes it easy to become a Wi-Fi hotspot provider. Profit from discounted pricing by ordering your hardware through FirstSpot for a guaranteed plug-n-play install. Within minutes your hotspot is fully operational.

Network Support
  • Live network monitoring with alert notifications
  • Trouble ticket reporting

Feel at ease with the knowledge that the network is continually monitored which gives you true service level agreement capability (SLA).

Customized Login and Account Creation
  • Custom login pages - venue and provider specific
  • Online subscription signup

Drag and drop templates make it simple to create your own sign-up and login pages.

Customized Subscriber and Venue Portals
  • Your brand customer service portal
  • Your brand venue owner service portal

Your subscriber identifies with your brand, and benefits from the ease of use inherent in a carrier class system.

Flexible Billing Options
  • Manage multiple price plans and payment options
  • Integrated billing, clearing and settlement
  • Support for corporate subscriptions and billing
  • International currency support

Maximize revenue potential with the ability to centrally define and manage any combination of price plans. Differentiate based upon venue or subscriber type. Process credit card payments online; sell pre-paid voucher cards, or add to a mobile phone bill.

Roaming Services
  • Comprehensive in-bound and out-bound roaming policies
  • Reports drill down from all subscribers to one, and from all locations to one.
  • iPass, GRIC, Boingo, PicoPoint and others
  • Settlement reports

With the FirstServ OSS roaming settlements are no longer a complex process. Generate inbound roaming invoices with the click of a button, an easy addition to your revenue generation.

Centralized Administration
  • Protected web interface provides full global access to all administrative functions, or create limited admin accounts to give access only to specific areas.
  • Real time reports (usage, roaming, billing, network status)

Streamline your operations, increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs by managing all the back office functions in one centralized area.

  • Secure SSL
  • Corporate VPN compatible
  • Layer 2 firewall separates all users

Know that high levels of security protect your customers. Military grade encryption protect financial transactions, while on site firewalls defend both subscribers devices and the venue network from outside interference.

*End users should also check the security settings on their Wi-Fi devices.