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Simply connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Allow people to connect to the Internet simply and securely...  More

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Let Spot help you find a hotspot location.

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Services and Products

Signing up for service at a FirstSpot HotSpot is as easy as 1..2..3. Open the web browser on your Wi-Fi enabled PDA or laptop. View the automatically launched sign up page with service plan options. Secure online payment processing allows you to immediately begin surfing the web.  More

Join with FirstSpot to effortlessly introduce a compelling value-add proposition to your business

By becoming a FirstSpot Location Owner, you can add a valuable new service to your existing clientele and help drive new customers to your business when they are searching for a high-speed public Wi-Fi access location.  More

Convenient ways to remain productive on-the-go

Give your mobile sales and service professionals the same level of connectivity they enjoy in the corporate environment by enrolling them in the FirstSpot wireless internet network. Our corporate sales team will create a customized solution to meet your needs.  More

Quick hotspot rollout - All inclusive customer care, billing, AAA and more

Build customer loyalty by adding instant access to thousands of Wi-Fi internet hotspots to your service offering. FirstSpot's rapidly deployed turn-key solution enables you to get into the wireless hotspot business fast and cost effectively.  More