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Partner Programs

Global Roaming

FirstSpot's Roaming Partners program extends the coverage of the FirstSpot network through sharing agreements with allied public wireless network operators. If you are in a location that does not currently have a FirstSpot hotspot nearby, you will soon.

FirstSpot has forged roaming agreements with key industry players to drive awareness of and users to the FirstSpot network. Though each partner focuses on different market segments - including the corporate customer, the consumer and other Internet Service Providers - all strive to help communicate the benefits of high-speed Internet access to mobile users. FirstSpot's partners gain access to different FirstSpot services depending on their need, and each roaming partner can resell access to FirstSpot's network to their customers.

iPass iPass
iPass has built a global Internet network that comprises over 20,000 access points, including an iPass Global Broadband Roaming footprint of over 2,500 Wi-Fi hotspots and 1,000 Ethernet enabled venues at business-oriented locations such as airports, hotels and conference centers worldwide.

PicoPoint PicoPoint
PicoPoint is one of the founding members of the Global Broadband Internet Access (GBIA) network, the international network of independent WISPs. GBIA offers an easy entry for organisations that are already providing wireless or internet services, such as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and ISPs, and wish to extend their offering by providing access to a global footprint of HotSpots and HotZones to their end-users.

monzoon monzoon
Founded in the fall of 2000, Monzoon Networks AG is building up a pan-European wide wireless network (wireless LAN) as a neutral network operator offering broadband Internet access and services.

FatPort FatPort
FatPort is the largest public Wi-Fi provider in Canada. Our focus is to provide the millions of mobile workers immediate high-speed access to their email, company's intranet, or any other internet activity they require.

For information on bilateral roaming , please send a summary of your company and an explanation of how our companies might work together to: